Retainers in Liverpool

Orthodontic retainers are an important step in preserving your smile after orthopaedic braces or clear aligner treatments. Because teeth have memory and try to shift back into their previous position, wearing this type of appliance will help protect your current tooth alignment and reduce the risk of orthodontic relapse.

What Are Some Types?

We include complimentary retainers with each orthopaedic braces or clear aligners case that we complete. Depending on your age, preferences and extent of treatment, these appliances can be either fixed or removable.

Fixed ones are thin wires that are bonded behind the back of your teeth. They’re typically used just behind the lower front teeth or sometimes behind the upper front teeth.

Removable retainers look more like clear aligners but feel slightly more rigid.

How Long Should You Wear Them?

Plan to wear your appliances all day every day for the first three months after the completion of your teeth straightening or orthopaedic treatment. After that, you can transition to only wearing them at night while you sleep. Plan on sleeping in them indefinitely, as they will help keep your teeth in the correct alignment pattern. Even if it’s been 10-20 years since the completion of treatment, your teeth will instinctively want to drift back out of alignment.

Home Care

Fixed retainers will need to be cleaned with a toothbrush and floss each day. Floss threaders or a water flosser will allow you to reach under the flosser to clean those spaces as well as between the teeth involved.

Removable ones should be cleaned with room temperature water, antimicrobial soap and a soft toothbrush each time they’re removed. Be sure to store them in a dry place out of the reach of pets or small children.

Need a New Appliance?

Contact our office today to discuss which type of orthodontic retainer is best for your smile.