Personalized Care and Expert Guidance

Your First Appointment

When you book in for a checkup and clean, you’ll meet your dentist, then go through your concerns. Your health history will be discussed before starting on an examination of each of your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth.

Your dentist will explain what they see, displaying your photos and X-rays on a screen so that you understand any potential problems. If there are any issues that require immediate attention, you’ll be informed of your options and be able to choose if you’d like to move forward.

Your teeth will be cleaned to leave them shiny and looking beautiful. You’ll also get some great oral hygiene tips about brushing and flossing. Then, you’ll be done with your visit until we see you again in another 6 months.

Your appointment will take about 45 minutes. Rest assured that you are never rushed when you’re with us! You’ll have all the time you need.

New Patients at Total Smiles Dental Practice

Our friendly team is waiting to welcome you the moment you step in our practice. You’ll feel instantly comfortable with us and know you will be taken care of each step of the way. We look forward to assisting you!

New Patient Check-Up Clean Special


Comprehensive examination


Professional scale & clean


Fluoride treatment

Just $210 or just a Small Gap with Private Health (*gap will depend on your provider and level of cover)

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