Teeth Whitening

Did you know that teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic dentistry procedure today? In just one short visit to our practice, you can get a stunning, brighter smile with no downtime. It’s that simple!

What to Expect

When you come to Total Smiles Dental Practice for your whitening appointment, we want to ensure your teeth are clean and have had a recent dental checkup. If you require any fillings, or have any damaged teeth, we will also want to address these first to give your smile the best possible results.

We’ll begin by making sure you’re comfortable and talk about your desired shade. Then, we’ll prepare your teeth and apply a safeguard to protect your gums from the whitening gel. Next, the gel is applied to your teeth. You’ll then sit with a blue light to activate the gel for roughly 40 minutes.

After, we’ll remove the gel, and you’re free to leave—with a beaming smile, of course.

Advanced Whitening With the Pola Whitening System

With a history of improving teeth for 50 years, the Pola teeth whitening system uses an industry leading formula that removes tough “rusted on” stains, while remaining completely safe for your teeth. Gums are protected during the procedure, and Pola contains fluoride to remineralise the teeth and reduce tooth sensitivity.

When Pola is applied, the refined formula safely enters your tooth enamel to actively remove longer-term stains and discolouration. The stain molecules are then naturally coated by your saliva, which safely removes them from your system.

Pola teeth whitening system is formulated to safely remove hard, longer-term stains from your teeth, and return your smile to your whitest natural shade possible. All without damaging the health of your teeth.

Available Options

Pola whitening system may be applied in the office or used in the comfort of your home. There’s also Pola Luiminate, which helps keep your smile at its brightest between whitening sessions.

Learn More Today

Schedule an appointment with Total Smiles Dental Practice and let us make your smile shine. Dr Andres (Dentist) looks forward to helping you achieve the brilliant smile you’ve always wanted.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.